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Exchange and international education are now placed under constant scrutiny. New technologies of knowledge transfer, in addition to restriction of movement, have highlighted the need to address questions related to the content and structure of the academic world in the near future. We at Fulbright have taken up this challenge on different levels. In the coming year, the 75th year of Fulbright and the 65th year of the program in Israel we plan to evoke discussion and thinking groups, local and international, to discuss the challenges ahead.
Fulbright fellows in Israel have been at the forefront of scientific research and were identified with excellence since the inception of the program in 1956. The program has helped train academics in all fields of knowledge as well as policy makers in education, law, economics and health. We see it as our mission to ensure that this human asset continues to serve as an example and compass to others and that the vision of the program is relevant to the future fellows to come. We are proud of our current fellows, Americans and Israelis, who did not shy away from the difficulties this year has posed to them and have continued with their professional and academic programs throughout the year. Students and scholars crossed continents and proved that the belief in international education and science prevails.
We would not have been able to do this without the guidance and support of our board members who guided us and supported our work on turbulent days, without our partners in higher education institutions and without the support of the Council for Higher Education and the Foreign Ministries. Happy 2021!

Anat Lapidot-Firilla                     Shira Ruderman 
Executive Director                      Chair of the Board

A Bridge Between the Theoretical and Practical Worlds

Twelve suitcases, six carry-ons, six backpacks, four car seats, one double seat stroller and six coats. I don’t remember how we got to the airport. It is all a blur now. A month ago we left Israel with four young kids so I could start my Postdoc position at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in January 2021.
Dr. Gal Mendelson, our 2020 Israeli postdoc fellow heading to Stanford, shares his academic journey.

Our New Blog

We are opening 2021 with a new blog! This blog is, first and foremost, an opportunity for our Fellows – past and present – to share their experiences as part of the Fulbright heritage. It is a platform for the Fulbright community worldwide to read our fellows’ thoughts, research, achievements and cultural experiences. As our goal to ensure the exchange of knowledge and research continues, despite the many challenges, we are happy to share the first blog posts by our current Postdoctoral fellows: Dr. Valeri Frumkin (Applied Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT), Dr. Rivkah Rogawski (Biology, Weizmann Institute of Science) and Dr. Hillel Mali (Jewish Studies, New York University-NYU).  



 Applications for Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program (DAI) are now open.

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Virtual Thanksgiving 


This year our U.S. Fellows in Israel demonstrated their ability to adapt to new and challenging situations more than once. In November they celebrated a festive virtual and informal Thanksgiving event. In the days leading up to it, our staff put together care packages for everyone, featuring popular seasonal flavors from the States, which were delivered to our Fellows all over the country. The highlights of the event  included a competitive game of Kahoot, toasts and the symbolic “pardoning” of elements of this year that we would like to leave behind us.

Fulbright Program 75th Anniversary

In 2021 we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Fulbright Program and the65th anniversary of the Fulbright Commission in Israel. The celebrations will spotlight the relevant and impactful work of Fulbrighters and recent alumni from around the world, with the goal of inspiring the next generation of Fulbright participants and promoting the vision for the program’s future. The Fulbright Program launched a dedicated 75th anniversary website ( on January 1, 2021 that will host alumni stories, a calendar of anniversary events and activities and many other elements. We at Fulbright Israel will be celebrating both milestones during the year with special online events and features. 

Stay tuned for more updates soon…