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In 2021, the Fulbright program reached two special milestones – seventy-five years of activity worldwide and sixty-five years of activity and accomplishments in Israel.
At 65, it is our moment to celebrate Fulbright’s legacy and commitment to advancing and pushing the limits of human knowledge. Throughout the year, we will showcase our legacy through public events and an on-line exhibition "Archaeology of Fulbright," to be displayed in the coming months. In reflecting on the program’s past, we are most certainly proud of our achievements. Our success lies in the impact our exchange program has had on Israeli and American scholars, students, teachers and professionals in all walks of life.
A physical exchange between Israel and the U.S. is the core principle of our work. We are delighted that our fellows have continued their work and proven their commitment to the vision of the program despite the difficult circumstances and challenging times such as experienced in the last year. New knowledge was generated, education was given top priority and the process of the migration of ideas continued and expanded. As we move forward, we are committed to cultivating the next generation of leaders, that will continue to challenge the status quo and to contribute to the creation of cutting-edge scholarship. Indeed, creativity and innovation have been in Fulbright Israel’s DNA from its inception.
We, at Fulbright Israel, are committed to academic excellence, alongside transparent conduct, while promoting diversity and accessibility as well as leading the way in the academic field. After 65 years, it is time to explore current challenges and opportunities in higher education and to examine the relevance of the work done so far for the future needs of Israeli society in the face of changing conditions and requirements. With this in mind, we have evaluated our work thus far and suggested changes that focus on areas where our investment could be relevant and significant.
We all agree that knowledge matters but we don’t often think about the places where knowledge is constructed and being transferred. Gradually it is becoming clear that there are important places and spaces, off-campus, where knowledge is being produced. Thus, along with the important investment in talented people, who want to continue research in a variety of fields of knowledge, we are hoping to also invest in new fields of great importance to public life and play a role in the creation of areas that will allow knowledge to become a public resource.
We hope that the future Fulbright fellows address, in their engagement with various publics, critical questions that are on the global and local agenda, among them literacy, democratic and civic values, climate change, poverty and immigration.
Our program is as dynamic, exciting and as vital as ever. We greatly anticipate the next part of our exhilarating journey. 

Shira Ruderman                                         Anat Lapidot-Firilla
Chair, Board of Directors                             Executive Director

New IL Postdoc fellows
We are pleased to introduce the 2021/22 cohort of Fulbright Israeli Postdoctoral fellows, leaving this summer for research in the U.S.,
representing a variety of academic disciplines.
We invite you to click on their photo to read more about them.

65 Years of Fulbright Israel: Excellence and Resilience
By Joe Wierichs
Counselor for Press and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of the United States

2021 marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Fulbright Program as well as the 65th anniversary of Fulbright Israel. That these twin anniversaries occur as we continue to grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic serves as an apt reminder that in an interconnected and ever-changing world, Fulbright’s mission is more meaningful and relevant than ever.  
Since its inception in 1946, over 400,000 people—recent graduates, teachers, scientists and researchers, artists, and more—have participated in the Fulbright Program worldwide... Continue reading

"Archaeology of Fulbright Israel" - 75th/65th Anniversary

An online exhibition that will display our notable alumni over 65 years will be launched in June. The exhibition will demonstrate in data and narrative the impact of the Fulbright program in Israel over a variety of disciplines; the diversity of our alumni in their background, fields of work, and current activity; as well as the prestige of our alumni and the institutes they have come from and went to during their Fulbright experience. The display will also focus on chains of professional connections between our Fulbright fellows over the years. A new motion logo was created to incorporate both milestones.  



Applications for the Master's degree Program for Israelis are now open.

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Applications for the Outreach Master's degree Program are now open.

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Applications for Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program (DAI) are now open.

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Applications for the Senior Scholars Program are open.

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Applications for the  Postdoctoral Program are open.

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Applications for PhD Students Fellowships (one semester) are open.

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Applications for Master's Degree Students Programs are open.

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Applications for English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Fellowships are open.

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Building Bridges:  The Legacy of the Fulbright Program in the Realm of Performing and Visual Arts

It is a year since Fulbright Split Screen’s launch, the blog created by Fulbright commissions worldwide. The Fulbright Commission in Mexico, also known as García Robles, wishes to continue this initiative by acknowledging the program’s influence on the Arts. As Fulbright reaches its 75th Anniversary and Fulbright-García Robles its 30th, they  invite all Fulbright alumni to celebrate the impact of the bilateral exchange program by sending submissions that illustrate the strong and long-lasting contributions of grantees in the following fields: 
· Performing Arts (Dance, Music)
· Visual Arts (Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Mixed Media)
· Media Arts (Video, Short Film, Feature Film, Documentary, Audio).
If you are interested in submitting a piece, please contact Branden Johnson.

Social activities for U.S. Fellows - from virtual to in-person

 Since early 2021, with the quick rollout of the country’s vaccination campaign, our Fellows have had multiple opportunities to meet one another and experience Israel through a variety of activities, including cultural (visiting the Israel Museum in Jerusalem); volunteering in the community; exploring the land itself through day trips around the country; and celebrating Passover and Easter in the place where it all started.